Checkout our brief guide to the stages of detailing below.

We have links to in use videos for many of our products in the individual car cleaning products description

Car wheel with iron detox treatment

1. Cleaning your Wheels

All our wheel products are pH neutral so will not harm your alloys

We start the detailing process with the wheels. 

They are the muckiest part of the car and will need an application of a great quality wheel cleaner.

Spray the wheels with Car-Chem Alloy Clean, agitating with a detail brush for heavily contaminated areas.

Rinse off and apply Car-Chem Iron Detox to remove embedded iron particles. leave to  soak for 3 minutes and then rinse.


Spray with our combination product, Bilt Hamber auto-wheel

Our wheel products

Car-Chem Alloy Clean    500ml

Car-Chem Iron Detox      500ml

Bilt Hamber auto-wheel   1 L

Snow Foam

2. Washing

All our wash products are pH neutral so will not harm your paintwork

The use of a pre-wash snow foam will soften and help to release dirt and grime particles which otherwise may damage the paint surface causing swirl marks. This is followed by a gentle handwash with a sheepskin or microfibre noodle mitt. 

Snow Foam :- fill a snow foam lance bottle with diluted Car-Chem Pre Soak Snowfoam or Bilt Hamber auto-foam and power spray the car to create a white lather of foam. Leave to dwell for up to 5 minutes and then rinse to remove the grime before the next step.

Shampooing:- make up a bucket of appropriately diluted shampoo eg Car-Chem Super Suds, Ceramic Suds or Bilt Hamber auto-wash.  Ensure your entire vehicle is wet. Using the 2 bucket method clean your vehicle, work your way from the top to the bottom.

Give your vehicle a final rinse to remove all remaining suds.


Use our waterless product, Car-Chem Quick Touch which can be sprayed onto the bodywork and simply wiped off with a microfibre cloth.

Our wash products

Car-Chem Pre Soak Snowfoam        500ml or 1L

Bilt Hamber auto-foam                      5L

Car-Chem Super Suds shampoo      500ml 

Car-Chem Ceramic Suds shampoo  500ml

Bilt Hamber auto-wash shampoo      300ml

Car-Chem Quick Touch waterless     500ml

Decontamination of vehicle bodywork

3. Decontamination

All our decontamination products are pH neutral so will not harm your paintwork

To prepare the painted surfaces for the application of wax or ceramic products carry out all or some of the following stages as required

Remove iron particles, tar and any remaining contamination from your exterior paintwork to prepare it for the waxing stage

  •  Apply either Car-Chem Iron Detox or Bilt Hamber korrosol to remove embedded iron particles. leave to  soak for 3 minutes and then rinse off.
  • Spray G&T Glue & Tar Remover over the area to be treated, soak for up to 1 minute and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth and then rinse off.
  • To remove any old wax or other remaining contamination, spray Car-Chem Prep Panel Wipe directly onto the panel to be treated and a little onto a clean microfibre cloth. wipe over the surface until the product has evaporated.
  • To remove residual contamination such as tree sap, bird droppings and insect residue a clay bar is dipped into wash water and gently rubbed over the surface. A microfibre cloth can be used to remove any clay bar residue.

Our Decontamination products

Car-Chem Iron Detox                   500ml

Car-Chem Glue & Tar Remover   500ml

Bilt Hamber korrosol                      1L

Car-Chem Panel Wipe                   500ml

Bilt Hamber auto-clay                    200g

Water beads on waxed car

4. Paintwork Protection

To protect the painted surfaces carry out all or some of the following stages as required

If NOT waxing, short term last stage protection of the paintwork can be achieved by applying Car-Chem Hydro Seal BEFORE drying the vehicle. Ensure all soap suds are removed and spray with Hydro Seal whilst the vehicle is still wet. Rinse off with a power washer and then dry as normal.

Wax application:- Apply either Car-Chem Sapphire ceramic wax or Bilt Hamber Double speed-wax to the decontaminated paintwork surface with a foam or sponge applicator pad. Allow to haze, then buff off with a cleam microfibre cloth to a high shine.

Last stage protection:- Car-Chem Hydro QD enhances your last stage protection by adding a thin layer of sealant over the applied wax. Lightly mist the area to be treated after waxing. Wipe over the area with a microfibre cloth and buff to polish to a high shine.

Our Paintwork protection products

Car-Chem Hydro Seal                            500ml

Car-Chem Sapphire Ceramic Wax       100g

Bilt Hamber double speed-wax             250ml

Car-Chem Hydro QD                             500ml

Finishing touches

5. Finishing Touches


A high gloss tyre sealant will protect the tyre wall from cracking and browning as well as improving the appearance.

Apply Car-Chem Tyre Gel using a foam applicator to a clean tyre wall avoiding the tread. Then wipe away any remaining residue.


Use Car-Chem Clear View glass cleaner on windows, mirrored surfaces, lights and chrome trim. Spray, then dry and polish the surface with a clean microfibre cloth.


Use Car-Chem Interior Clean Coat on rubber, plastics, and hard surfaces. Spray directly onto dashboards, door panels and centre consoles, then dry and polish the surface with a clean microfibre cloth.

For leather upholstery, use  Car-Chem Leather 2 in 1 to clean, moisturise and replenish the natural oils in your interior leather. Spray directly onto the leather and soread with an applicator pad and then wipe off with a clean microfibre towel.

For heavily soiled areas such as undercarriages, door jams, and engine bays use Car-Chem All Clean. Spray onto the surface to be cleaned and leave on for up to 5 minutes, agitating with a detailing brush if required. Rinse off and dry.

To keep your car smelling great and to break down and eliminate bad odours within the interior of the vehicle, spray Car-Chem Refresh Odour Eliminator liberally within the interior and put the air conditioning on recirculation on full power. Can also spray onto fabrics. Wipe over hard surfaces to remove any residue.

Our Finishing products

Car-Chem Tyre Gel                             500ml

Car-Chem Clear View Glass Cleaner  500ml

Car-Chem Interior Clean Coat             500ml

Car-Chem Leather 2 in 1                     500ml

Car-Chem All Clean                             500ml

Car-Chem Refresh Odour Eliminator   500ml